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The loss of a spouse, under any circumstances, is a tragic and life altering experience. In addition to their loss, military survivors face additional challenges. Amidst the grief that comes with a suffering a traumatic loss, survivors find themselves needing to make important and immediate decisions for themselves and their families in a rapidly changing environment. For survivors of Special Operations personnel, the grieving process can be further complicated as the complete details of their loved one’s death are sometimes unavailable due to the classified nature of the mission.

SOS provides a community for grieving spouses of special operations fallen warriors.

The military survivors community, while unfortunately growing, continues to remain relatively small. New survivors may or may not know anyone else who has gone through a similar situation and who can relate to them.

Special Ops Survivors understands the healing power of not having to weather a tragedy alone.

Our Story

The Special Ops Survivors story began in 2002 when one person was inspired to help a Special Ops family in need. In early 2002, word came that a Navy SEAL, Neil Roberts, had died in combat in the mountains of Afghanistan along with several other USAF and US Army Special Operations warriors. A fellow Navy SEAL, felt compelled to do something to take care of the family of Neil, John, Jason,  and the others had left behind. From that one act, an entire organization grew and become Special Ops Survivors.

Our Leadership

As a small non-profit organization with a big mission, we rely on a dedicated service team of passionate volunteers, generous supporters, a hard-working staff, and a fully committed Board of Directors. Together, we work to foster an environment of respect, sanctuary, and access for our survivors. For our donors and supporters, we are committed to upholding our promises and duties by being good stewards of our resources.

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Special Ops Survivors understands the healing power of not weathering a tragedy alone. Survivors are bonded both by who their hero was and by how they lived as Special Operations families. Because of this, the bonds formed among survivors are both strong and lasting.

While Special Ops Survivors cannot replace all that was lost with a survivor’s loved one, our programs help ease the transition through a healthy post-loss future.

Individual Emotional Support

Special Ops Survivors provides ongoing webinar resources and support to survivors throughout the year via Forget-Me-Not care packages on important dates like Memorial Day, birthdays, and the anniversary of their fallen hero’s birthday. Sometimes its a Starbucks gift card on Valentine’s Day and other times its a box of cookies at Christmas. It doesn’t cost much to make an impact in a woman’s heart. While we can’t bring their hero back, a grateful nation can remind them we haven’t forgotten!

Emergency Financial Assistance

There are times in life when the unexpected occurs and surviving spouses might find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Special Ops Survivors can provide a targeted financial assistance to help survivors who find themselves in these situations. These funds can be applied to Survivors after natural disaster occurs or unforseen cost of living expenses.

Education & Career Advancement Grants

Special Ops Survivors provides education and career advancement grants to reward surviving spouses for their strength and resiliency as they further their careers so that they can better care for their families. We’ll work with the survivors in finding job placement after they comeplete their degree.

Group Emotional Support

Each year, Special Ops Survivors sponsors at least one weekend-long survivors’ conference. The annual Survivors’ Conferences are designed to foster peer-based connections and support while providing educational life-skills workshops that assist survivors as they move forward in the grieving process. These are our flag ship events and provides much needed Community and Fellowship that fosters healing through connection with their peers.

Child Care Grants

We also offer childcare grants for those single surviving mothers/fathers who work outside the home or are pursing higher education. This allows the them the uninterupted quality child care their service member had access to while alive and still on active duty.

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